Your physio, sport,
health and well-being center

The Diet and Sport Coaching center, a multidisciplinary structure in the heart of Les Ulis (91 - Essonne)
putting at the disposal of all a team of competent professionals and listening to you.

Physio, sport, health and well-being are the key words to present your center

The desire to take care of the individual on his or her entirety by developing the physical and psychological aspects that are specific to him or her. The ambition is also to work closely with the medical and social network (doctors, nurses, social services, etc.) in order to offer a complete support to the person.

Regardless of purpose, health status, age and more, no one should have difficulty finding a professional who can meet their needs or plans.

As such, our team and this center want to be a complete and collaborative as possible in order to be able to provide help to whoever needs it.

The specialists
who welcome you to the center

Your physio, sport, health and well-being center welcome you to Les Ulis
to meet your needs with a multidisciplinary team at your disposal:

  • Sports coach (health sports, performance sports)
  • Nutritional advisor
  • Osteopath
  • Mental trainer
  • Psychologist
  • Aromatherapist
  • Magnetizer
  • Massage practitioner
  • Hypnosis professional
  • Sophrologist

Where is our center located ?

Your space physio, sport,
health and well-being welcome you in Les Ulis in the 91 (Essonne)

124, Avenue des Champs Lasniers
91940 Les Ulis

(Upstairs: Next to the CPAM of Essonne)

Phone : 09 83 76 26 03
Email :

A physio, sport, health
and well-being center for whom ?

Any person in search of well-being or working in a personal development project
but also in need of a follow-up with an osteopath, a nurse, etc.

A center also for more specific audiences such as:


  • Carry out a complete health follow-up
  • Create, develop and maintain a social link
  • Preserve the osteoarticular capital
  • Maintain mobility and articular amplitude by practicing adapted physical activities
The center, compiling the various trades, will be able to offer complete programs established in team so that the public will be surrounded in all the components mentioned above (health, physical, mental and social).


  • In search of performance
  • In search of improvement or stabilisation of the form
  • Back from injury through reathletisation
Through team-based programs, the athlete will have a staff of professionals at his or her disposal before obtaining a status allowing him or her to enter a CREPS or INSEP.

Pregnant women

  • Maintain appropriate physical activity
  • Be accompanied for a nutritional follow-up
  • Relieve pain through massage
An accompaniment of the future mothers which is done in entente with a health professional for an adapted follow-up.

People with long-term condition

(Prescriform circuit) obesity or metabolic disorders (diabetes, hypercholesterolemia).

  • Implementation of a customized program taking into account all the particularities of the condition
  • Coordination of the various trades for help the patient gain in quality of life
  • Contribution to the reduction of the occurrence of certain symptoms, the improvement of the clinical state, the reduction of complications and the risks of recurrence.

Improve your physical and mental well-being in everyday life
with our support programs, adaptable to your personal project.

Our services

A personalized sport,
nutrition and well-being program.

Sports activities
and well-being for your employees.