Sports preparation,
nutritional and mental preparation
for your well-being

Improve your physical and mental well-being in everyday life
with our programs, adaptable to your personal project.

Complete personalised coaching

Do you want to lose weight, gain mass, learn to eat better, or simply improve your health? We set up a physical and nutritional program tailored to your goals, your current state, but also your schedule. We accompany you step by step to motivate you and help you reach your goals.

Nutritional rehabilitation

Nutritional support and dietary advice to guide you in your weight loss or gain. A dietary rebalancing adapted to your needs in the context of metabolic disorders (diabetes, cholesterol, etc.).


A desire to resume regular supervised physical activity, to maintain and increase physical abilities in the context of long-term illnesses (MS, obesity, diabetes, etc.) but also the consequences of aging. Reathletization of athletes following an injury (in addition to care and physiotherapeutic follow-up).

Mental preparation

An examination or interview to prepare, a desire to improve your performance, to better deal with your feelings or a wish to improve your self-confidence. We discuss with you and prepare you step by step to overcome the obstacle that stands in front of you.

Coaching for pregnant women

Coaching during pregnancy but also post-partum with the objective of strengthening the muscles (back, buttocks, and legs in particular) in order to limit fat gain, reduce stress and muscular tension, and improve sleep.


Weight loss, fitness, reathletisation or physical preparation electrostimulation (in addition to a complete program combining nutrition and physical activity) will allow us to accentuate the effectiveness of your care through programs targeting, for example, the buttocks, abs and pectorals.

Improve your physical and mental well-being in everyday life
with our programs of care, adaptable to your personal project.