Principal and origin

Pressotherapy is a method that uses the same principles of action as lymphatic drainage,
namely pressures exerted on one or several parts of the body, from bottom to top,
to foster blood and lymphatic circulation. The only difference is that the pressure is exerted, not with the hands, but with a pressotherapy device.

At the Diet & Sport coaching center, this device is presented in the form of boots (for the legs) connected to an air compressor and equipped with air-filled air cells that inflate one after the other, in order to exert at regular intervals a more or less strong pressure, in a continuous or sequential manner, depending on the desired effect on the targeted areas.

Why should you have pressotherapy ?

Pressotherapy is intended for women and men with circulatory problems, lymphedema, cellulite, or heavy legs.

Pressotherapy can also be effective for athletes, who can use this practice for better physical preparation.

To foster venous and lymphatic return

Pressotherapy helps to relieve blood circulation problems such as heavy legs, oedema, varicose veins and many others.

To help eliminate toxins

Thanks to a better circulation of fluids, pressotherapy also contributes to the elimination of toxins..

For aesthetic reasons

Pressotherapy can also have a beneficial effect on aqueous cellulite, since it is linked to a problem of water retention due, in part, to poor circulation. This therapy eliminates fat cells, edema and drains toxins. However, pressotherapy alone is not enough to get rid of cellulite. It must be combined with a balanced diet, as well as other elements.

For athletes

It is also intended for athletes who want to accelerate their recovery after exercise. After an important training or a sports competition, the muscles are put to the test. Pressotherapy is a good method to contribute to recovery and fight against fatigue by promoting blood circulation in the body.

How does a session work ?

A pressotherapy session at the Diet and Sport Coaching Center lasts 30 minutes.

The person lies or sits comfortably on a massage table. The practitioner puts the boots in place, then sets the rate of compression and decompression on the device, depending on the person and the desired effect. The pressure is increased gradually.

These pressotherapy sessions represent a real moment of well-being and break for the person. A time to take care of yourself, rest and relish a hot drink with music.

Duration and price
of a pressotherapy session

A pressotherapy session at the Diet and Sport Coaching Center lasts 30 minutes.

Rates :

    Short session - 30min : 25€

    Long session- 60min : 45€

    5 sessions package - 30min : 100€

Are you interested in an unlimited package (one session per day maximum)? We invite you to contact us to discuss it.

Payment methods accepted : Credit card, checks, cash and online payment on the Diet and Sport Coaching website.

Cancellation : All cancellation must be made 48 hours before the appointment.

Reservations and information

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