Keeping up with sport during pregnancy is often perceived as harmful, on the contrary it is beneficial. The practice of a physical activity during a pregnancy and after the childbirth is essential, it has several functions as much for the future mother as for the baby.

The effects

The physical activity in the pregnant women is multiple, it allows :

Maintain a certain ton and muscle mass,

Reduce nausea and relieve stomach aches,

Limit excessive weight gain,

To have an optimal growth of the baby,

Reduce leg cramps,

Improve the quality of your sleep,

Increase the feeling of well-being,

Reduce all the risks of complications related to pregnancy


First of all, it is important to know that all activities that involve a risk of direct injury to the child should be avoided.

This includes sports containing :

  • Activities with many jumps,

  • Sports that involve the risk of falling,

  • Intensive training

Duration and price
of a coaching session

A coaching session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour .

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Payment methods accepted : credit card, checks, cash and online payment on the Diet and sport coaching website.

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