Principle and origin

In recent years, we have observed that more and more people are affected by being overweight, one in two people would suffer from obesity. We now know that being overweight carries many risks.

Turn to sports coaching is, more and more, seen as a way to get back in shape, acquire a beautiful silhouette, slim down, and shape your body.

The effects

Physical activity in the overweight person allows to :

  • Burn energy reserves,

  • Reduce body mass,

  • Boost the mind,

  • Weaken the risk of being overweight,

  • Develop conviviality,

  • Fight against cardiovascular diseases
  • Duration and price
    of a coaching session

    A coaching session lasts on average 45 minutes, 1 hour.

    The price is endless, it varies according to the demands and needs of the person.

    Payment methods accepted : credit card, checks, cash and online payment on the Diet and Sport Coaching website.

    Reservations and information

    For further information or reservations, please contact us :

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