Electrostimualtion consists in provoking a muscular contraction thanks to electrical impulses which will allow
reach muscles that are difficult to access with classic fitness exercices.

At Diet and Sport Coaching, our specialised coaches use the COMPEX SP 8.0 WOD EDITION wireless stimulator, which includes the brand-new Mi-Autorange function.

This new feature automatically sets the right stimulation level for your muscle for optimal results.

The effects

Helps to improve sports performance

Rapid improvement of muscle characteristics (elasticity, tone, strength)

Recovery after exercise (elimination of lactic acid)

Body sculpting (abdominal muscle, etc)

Regenerating massage

How does a session work ?

You will be follow-up by one of our Diet & Sport Coaching coaches throughout the session. Our coach will place and adjust electrodes on your muscle group according to the objective to be achieved.

The device includes 5 different fields of action :

  • Physical preparation : endurance, strength, cross-training

  • Recovery massage : relaxing massage, recovery after training

  • Painkiller : muscular pains, relaxer

  • Rehabilitation : reinforcement, muscle wasting

  • Fitness : tones, sculpts and muscles

For even more results, our electrostimulators have the following functions:

  • MI-scan : automatically adjust parameters to your physiology

  • MI-tens : makes it easy to adjust stimulation levels

  • MI-action : combines electro-stimulated contractions


Our electrostimulation sessions are not recommended :

  • If you have any injury on a muscle

  • If you are epileptic

  • If you are a pacemaker or active medical implant

  • Pregnant women (lumbar region and abdomen)

Ask your doctor's advice before use.

Duration and price
of an electrostimulation session

An electrostimulation session at Diet & Sport Coaching lasts 30 minutes.

Rates :

    Unique session - 20 to 30min : 20€

    5 sessions package : 85€

Are you interested in an unlimited package (one session per day maximum)? We invite you to contact us to discuss it.

Payment methods accepted : Credit card, checks, cash and online payment on the Diet and Sport Coaching website.

Cancellation : All cancellation must be made 48 hours before the appointment.

Reservations and information

For further information or reservations, please contact us :

Phone. 09 83 76 26 03

By mail :

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