Principle and origin

Physical preparation is the component of training that allows the development of the athlete’s physical qualities in order to put them at the service of the discipline practiced. it includes the fields of performance optimisation but alsorecovery and injury prevention .

Physical preparation can be common to several sports. This step generally takes place during the pre-season. the objective is to increase the different capacities of the body :

  • endurance
  • strength
  • speed
  • explosiveness
  • flexibility
  • Why ?

    Its actions :

    • Effect on the mind (feeling of surpassing oneself, of going beyond what one thought one was doing) ,
    • Improvement of recovery and endurance ,
    • Improvement of strength and flexibility ,

    Physical preparation allows to take charge of
    diverse reasons for consultation, such as:

    • Improvement of endurance
    • Improvement of speed
    • Mass gain
    • Improvement of power
    • Improvement of relaxation
    • Improvement of the state of mind (surpassing oneself)

    How does a session work ?

    A physical preparation session is generally divided into several parts during which the trainer will test the athlete’s basic physical capacities in order to define his training program.

    In the first phase, the sports coach will conduct a complete interview with the athlete. First, he will be interested in his objectives. Then, he will ask him questions about his/her history (training time, diet, sleep). /p>

    In the second phase, the coach will perform physical tests in order to gauge the limits of the athlete and propose a program in line with his/her physical abilities and his goal.

    In the last phase, the coach will clearly announce the program to the athlete and will accompany him/her in his/her physical preparation. A nutrition follow-up can also be proposed to him/her in adequacy with his/her objective.

    Duration and price
    of a physical preparation

    A physical preparation session lasts on average 1 hour.

    The fees for the follow-up will be indicated after the first interview with the athlete, according to his objective and the duration of his/her follow-up. The first interview is free of charge.

    Reservations and information

    Cancellation : all appointments must be cancelled before 48H.

    Payment methods accepted : credit card, and online payment on the Diet & Sport Coaching website

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