Objective sports performance :
physical and mental preparation

Recovery capacity, physical and mental preparation, food and rest management;
everything has to be worked and detailed meticulously when it comes to sports performance
and that the objectives are high.

Complete preparation for a competition

A coaching for a competition whose objective is performance. We follow you to reach your goal and adjust the program according to your sport. Setting up a physical, nutritional and mental routine, our coaches accompany you to prepare you, correct your technical defects and improve your physical and mental capacities.

Mental preparation

A desire to improve your performance, to better deal with your concentration or a wish to improve your self-confidence. We discuss with you and prepare you step by step to overcome the obstacle that stands in front of you.


A reathletization following an injury (in addition to care and physiotherapeutic follow-up) through an evolutionary program allowing a progressive recovery of autonomy in the sport concerned.

Sports massage

Sports massage is performed during or after a competition/ effort, on a table, with or without oil. Ideal for recovery, it complements athletes through their physical preparation. Combination of techniques to bring a real physical relaxation of tensions and muscle stiffness, as well as mental relaxation.

Rich of a great experience of sports coaching,
we offer you an accompaniment adapted to your needs and levels in order to reach your sporting objectives.