Principle and origin

Mental preparation is necessary to manage stress, set difficult goals.

It is focused on technical learning, becomes essential to give the ingredients and acquire the mental capacities required to achieve the objectives while bringing out confidence, autonomy, and concentration.

For instance, for a sportsman he must understand what is good for him, without doubting, without stressing, and give a lot of confidence.

Why should you consult ?

An adequate mental preparation allows you to sort out all this, by working on your self-esteem, the adequate objectives to be fixed, and by creating a real alignment of the mind, the emotions, and the body to facilitate their achievement! The work on the emotions per se.

Its actions :

  • Give and work on the tools to improve mentally : these tools allow the optimisation of the performance.

  • Define, validate and reach your goals : there is no success without progress, there is no progress without confidence. There is no goal without a pathway.

  • Learn to control your emotions : evacuate stress and take pleasure in the practice of sport.

Mental preparation allows to take charge of diverse reasons for consultation, such as :

  • Lack of self-confidence;
  • Feeling of rejection, abandonment, injustice;
  • Desire to assert oneself;
  • Dealing with anger;
  • Difficulties at work ENT;
  • Desire to know oneself better;

How does a session work ?

The session lasts about 1h15, It starts with a discussion about what you want, what you suffer from, your character, and what remains painful or difficult in your history. The aim is to determine a goal to make the situation more comfortable for you. Subsequent to this exchange, work in a hypnotic state will be proposed if necessary, according to the situation.

Duration and price
of a mental preparation session.

A mental preparation session lasts on average between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

The consultation fee is 60 euros.

Reservations and information

Cancellation : all appointments must be cancelled before 48H.

Payment methods accepted : credit card, and online payment on the Diet & Sport Coaching website/p>

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