Principle and origin

Founded by the American physician Andrew Taylor Still, in 1874, physio is a gentle medicine
based on manuals techniques and principles linking One of the foundations of physio is that the prosperity of the human body depends on the proper functioning
dof the musculoskeletal system, namely the muscular tissue, the bony skeleton or the ligaments.

Its practice is based on the handling of bone and muscle structures.

Physio investigates the body in its entirety: joints, muscles, ligaments, viscera… while combining the somato-emotional aspect. In this global approach, lifestyle, and mental and emotional health are considered important elements, influencing psychological health.

Why should you consult ?

Osteopathy is preventive and therapeutic.

An osteopath can receive
different types of patients:

  • Infants,
  • Children,
  • Athletes,
  • Pregnant women,
  • or even seniors.

Ostepathy can also be effective for athletes, especially at high-level, who can use this practice for better physical preparation.

Entirely manual, the practice of physio is well defined, it is based on manipulations that aim to calm muscular and skeletal pain.

Osteopathy allows us to take care of
various reasons for consultations, such as :

  • Back pain (neck pain, back pain, lumbago) acute (torticollis, dorsalgo, lumbago) or chronic.
  • Peripheral joint pain (arthropathies, sprains, tendinopathies…)
  • Nerve pain (sciatica, cruralgia, cervico-brachial neuralgia, referred pain...)
  • Certain headaches and dizzinness
  • Certain functional digestive disorders (reflux, heartburn, diarrhea and chronic constipation...) or gynecological
  • Certain ENT conditions
  • Various pathologies of the newborn (deformation of the cranial cavity, colic, eating, behavioural or sleeping disorders...)

Unconventional, physio is not appropriate for severe diseases. However, in many situations, it provides a wellness on medical advice and in addition to medical care and/or conventional treatment.

How does a session work ?

An osteopath session is generally divided into several parts during which the physio practitioner will test the mobilities of the different tissues of the human body and identifies possible weaknesses.

In the first phase, the osteopath will carry out a complete interview with his or her patient. First, he will look at the reason for the patient’s visit, then at the different parts of the human body (oral, respiratory, cardiac, visceral, urogenital, etc.) Afterward, he will review all the patient history (traumatic, operations, illnesses) and explore current treatments.

In the second phase, the osteopath will eventually perform medical tests or exclusion tests to make sure that the pathology is indeed osteopathic (and not a medical emergency or another medical specialization). If not, he will direct the patient to his or her general practitioner or appropriate health professional. Then, he will make various static and dynamic postural tests and osteopathic tests by exploring the body from head to toe to formulate his or her diagnosis and proceed with the treatment.

During the last phase, the osteopath will clearly announce what he has done to treat his or her patient. He will often suggest various tips such as stretching, warming up, and sports and exercises to be practiced to facilitate recovery.

Most of the time, one or two sessions are sufficient. It is recommended to go to your osteopath once or twice a year for preventive work before the pain appears.

Duration and price
of an osteopathy session

A physio session lasts on average 45 minutes.

The consultation fee is 65 euros.

Physio, whether performed by an exclusive osteopath, a physiotherapist-osteopath, or a doctor-osteopath, is never reimbursed by social security. On the other hand, more than 85% of the mutual insurance companies reimburse osteopaty acts, and this percentage increases from year to year.

At the end of the session, the osteopath will issue you a bill.
All you have to do is send it to your health insurance company, which will then reimburse you.

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