Principle and origin

The sauna is a wellness method that is traditionally in a closed room in which one takes a dry heat bath. The practice of the sauna aims above all at relaxation and well-being.

Why should you consult ?

The sauna has many benefits, above all it allows a relaxation of the body and mind. The intensity of the temperature stimulates the blood circulation , which helps the cardiovascular system to function properly. The muscles relax, which helps to relieve them after sporting activity or simply a stressful day.

In addition, it allows to clean the skin in depth , which makes it softer, purer. In some cases, real improvements can be seen for people with skin problems such as acne, eczema, hives or psoriasis.

Sauna practice can also reduce coughing in case of bronchitis.

How does a session work ?

The typical ritual is to start by taking a shower and drying off thoroughly, then sit in the sauna for about ten minutes, the time it takes for the sweat to bead on the skin. Then get out of the sauna and take a cool shower or refresh yourself with ice. This must obviously be adapted to the needs and desires of each person so that it remains a practice of pleasure and relaxation.

Duration and price of a session

Rates :

    Short session - 30min : 20€

    Long session - 60min : 45€

    5 session package - 60min : 180€

Reservations and information

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