Principle and origin

Reathletization is a step that consists in resuming one’s sporting activity by readapting one’s body to physical exercise . At the same time, important work injury prevention and/or recurrence is planned. Depending on the nature of the injury, the re-athletization phase can cover the entire period of medical treatment up to the return to the field and/or the competition. It generally takes place after the physiotherapist’s rehabilitation and before the return to competition.

Its practice is based on the handling of bone and muscle structures.

During the period of immobilization and/or rehabilitation of the affected limb(s), the physical qualities of the athlete decrease because they are no longer stimulated. Moreover, even if the functionality of the joint is restored by a good rehabilitation, it is not necessarily in a position to function optimally.

Why should you consult ?

Reathletization is a way to get back into sports on the right foot.

A sports coach can receive different types of patients due to different problems:

  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Reflex hypotonia
  • Immature tissues
  • Tissue and collagen disorganisation
  • Scar fibrosis and hematoma

How does a session work ?

A re-athletization session is generally divided into several parts during which the athletic trainer will test de mobility of the different tissues of the human body and identify possible weaknesses and strengths.

In the first phase, the coach will conduct a complete interview with the athlete. First, he will ask about the reason for his/her visit, then he will look at the different parts of the human body (oral, respiratory, cardiac, muscular, etc.). Afterward, he will review the patient’s entire history (traumatic, operations, injuries) and explore current treatments.

In the second phase,the coach will eventually perform physical tests in order to gauge the athlete’s limits and then propose a program in line with his or her physical abilities (and not a medical emergency or other medical specialization). If not, he will direct the patient to his or her general practitioner or the appropriate health professional. He will then perform various static and dynamic postural tests and osteopathic tests by exploring the body from head to toe to formulate his or her diagnostic proceeding to the treatment.

During the last phase,the coach will clearly announce the program to the athlete et accompany him or her in his or her reathletization. A nutritional follow-up will be proposed.

Duration and price
of a reathletization session.

A reathletization session lasts on average 1 and 15 minutes.

The consultation fee is 65 euros.

Reservations and information

Cancellation : all appointments must be cancelled before 48H.

Payment methods accepted : credit card, and online payment on the Diet & Sport Coaching website

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