Psychologist and sophrologist, I propose an accompaniment adapted to the singularity of each person met.

- You go through a difficult trial(s) in your life;
- You are experiencing relationship difficulties in your private or professional life;
- You are facing bereavement, the death of a loved one, a change of behaviour of a loved one following the onset of an illness, or a painful experience during major stages (retirement, the announcement of an illness, etc.);
- You are a caregiver of a loved one who has become ill;
- You feel isolated;

These various points are given as examples but you can, of course, come and consult for any other request specific to your personal experience. The help of a professional can indeed be very useful. It will allow you to find a neutral and benevolent ear and support if you feel the need to be accompanied to manage the possible psychological and emotional changes that occur following difficult life events.

Why should you consult a sophrologist ?

First of all, sophrology is a method of “psycho-corporal” relaxation. Often, it is possible to note that symptoms, presumed of psychic origin, resist because they are registered “in the body”. It is therefore sometimes necessary to go through the body to treat them. The approach consists in relying on a more or less deep bodily relaxation. This one directs the person towards the listening of his or her sensations, towards a setting between brackets of time and daily constraints, towards a self-awareness, of its resources.

The following are some examples of indications (not an exhaustive list) :
- Accompanying a difficulty: a pain, a dreaded event (examination, operation) which can go as far as a phobia (fear of transport, crowds, etc.);

- Accompanying disturbances of the body schema (body changes following weight gain or loss, following an operation, etc.);

- Accompanying in the context of sports events (working before an event to approach it with more serenity, highlighting the useful resources to be mobilised during the event, etc.);

- Offer a moment of relaxation, of respite to take care of oneself in the tumult of various daily pressures experienced at work, at home, with one’s loved ones, etc.;

- Give support to attentional disorders, certain behavioral disorders, etc.

In short, the skills of a psychologist, also a sophrologist, are complementary and allow to enrich the work done or a given problem.

How does a session work ?

There is no standard definition of the content of the session. The session is adapted according to the singularity of each person, of his or her state of the date, and of what he or she wishes or does not express. Because of my double competence as a psychologist and a sophrologist, I can suggest a certain sequence of sessions (introduction of sophrology techniques if relevant, for instance).
We will review the situation together so that it matches as well as possible to your expectations.

Nevertheless, generally speaking, the first session will allow us to get to know each other and to take stock of the object of your request.
The content of other sessions will be adapted according to you and the purpose of the request.

We will review after 3-4 sessions to determine if you are satisfied with the support, if we continue in this direction or if we end the sessions because the process has come to an end and you have been able to find the answer(s) to address the event.

The number of sessions is to be reassessed progressively.

Duration and price of a session

A session lasts between 50 min et 1 h.

For a psychology or a sophrology consultation, the price is 60 euros.

Payment methods accepted : checks and cash

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