Principle and origin

Nothing prevents you from practicing sports, staying active is essential to good health. Seniors often face difficulties in their daily lives. Slow movements help to avoid muscle aches and tensions after the effort, and enjoy the good that physical activity can bring.

The effects

Soothe muscular tension,

Improve the immune system,

Reduce the risk of obesity,

Have a psychological support,

Maintain muscles,

Weaken the risk of falling,

Maintain a good psychological and physical health


No contraindications to the practice of adapted physical activity, it is however necessary to make an assessment between the coach and the person to establish their ban.

Duration and price
of a coaching session

A coaching session lasts between 45 minutes et 1 hour.

Changing rates according to an individual program, rate following an interview to assess your needs

Payment methods accepted : credit card, checks, cash and online payment on the Diet and Sport Coaching website.

Reservations and information

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